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Make a stop at The Board of Trade & THE BOUTIQUE this weekend.  We have never been more full with quality consignments at such great prices.  Loads of leather furniture, summer designer handbags, shoes, fashion, fun & fine jewelry.  Plus shelf upon shelf of eclectic accents to suit any decorating style!

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It’s time to cool off this summer, and we ain’t talkin’ from the heat! Our lives are hectic with work and play, the media is buzzing around us 24/7 and the hot summer nights keep us tossing and turning.   At times like these, we all need our happy place.  Whether that’s a church, a temple, a zen garden, a coffee shop or hot yoga, we hope you find the time relax and reflect.

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Dear Dad!  

You are such a great guy! You deserve a day that honors you. We hope that you are surrounded by your loved ones.  We hope that you get to relax and enjoy your favorite hobbies (even it is napping).  We hope that someone makes you a special meal.  We especially hope that you stop by The Board of Trade this weekend for a little shopping adventure!  Barware, sporting memorabilia, movie posters, office paraphernalia, old tools, deco clocks, that perfect nap chair… there’s a little bit of everything for you!

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If you haven’t already pitched your tent at Bonnaroo, you’re probably staying in town for the weekend…maybe there are still tickets left for Harry Connick Jr. at Chastain or Keith Urban at Verizon?  We’re digging the resurgence of free-spirit music festivals in the Southeast and the long season of lawn and BYOB concerts that Atlanta’s sunny climate allows.  Need a fun bag, sunglasses, a picnic basket, cheese plate, cocktail shaker? Bop into The Board of Trade and THE BOUTIQUE this weekend for a great afternoon of fun shopping for concert provisions

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One thing is true about all divas.  They know what they want.   And while they may have idols of their own, they aren’t about to walk in anyone’s footsteps to get where they are going. We admire their courage, effortless style, and originality that leaves a lasting imprint on our culture.

This being the week of Marilyn’s 90th Birthday, it is a great opportunity to give a SHOUT OUT to her and all divas (Famous and not, dead and alive, female and male.) Thanks for the memories, fun and inspiration!

Feeling the need to express your individual style? Shop The Board of Trade and THE BOUTIQUE this weekend for fabulously unique home decor and designer fashion!

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The Art of Consignment

The world appears to be an abundance of separate people, ideas, places and matter. Yet all divided things have something in common: they originate from the same whole. My job is to connect fragments together again – back to one.” – William D Massey III, Atlanta Artist

    I was inspired during my trip to The Beltline this week.  Walking from Ponce City Market to Krog Street,  I saw how alive Atlanta is with Millennials on bikes and boards, chatty brunchers and eco-savvy fashionistas.  The dining concepts were so tantalizing and original, I wished I had four stomachs.  Oh to be young-ish and live in one of those fabulous townhouses overlooking the whole scene!  Of particular fascination was this gigantic sculpture of welded scraps that formed a 3D portrait.  As an aggregator of relics myself, this piece “spoke” to me.  Need Memorial Weekend plans? Go see all that’s old, odd, new, classic and fabulous at The Beltline and The Board of Trade this weekend!  — Beth

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Ice Zombies, Dire Wolves, Dragons, Witchcraft and Warfare.  All in a day’s work at The BofT?  Check.  And also in George R.R. Martin’s award-winning novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” that inspired the hit series GAME OF THRONES which tops our must-watch list.  With wild story lines of kingdoms battling for power,  fantastic sets, majestic scenery and elaborate costumes, we’re hooked!

A new chapter of this high fantasy literature has just been released for super fans. This news has excited and inspired us to interpret the show through our fab consignments!  Feeling like conquering the Iron Throne? Shop The Board of Trade & THE BOUTIQUE this weekend!

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