Our Expertise

The Board of Trade has been successful in the high-end consignment business for over 30 years. We have been recognized multiple times by Atlanta Magazine as a ‘Best of Atlanta’ consignment shop. Our experts know which items will be in high demand in the Atlanta marketplace, how to price them and sell them. It’s that simple. But not really….


Experts Select and Price Inventory

It takes experience to know which items will excite shoppers. Beth Richardson, Owner, grew up in the high-end resale business. As a teenager she spent much of her time behind the counter at her mother’s shop in Connecticut and countless hours at auctions and shows throughout New England honing her eye for good design in furniture and décor, art and jewelry. Beth was an antique dealer in Manhattan and Boston before relocating to Roswell and taking over the Board of Trade in 2004. She, along with her staff and a network of appraisers, are able to spot and sell the good “goods.”


Designer Fashion Sells Here

The same passion and standards apply to “The Boutique” in the back where Sarah runs the fashion show. Sarah has worked for the Board of Trade for more than a decade. She has grown “The Boutique” from a small corner to a 3,000 square foot shoppers’ heaven. "The Boutique" is filled with artfully displayed designer handbags, shoes, apparel and accessories for both women and men. Sarah’s formal appraisal education in addition to her hands-on experience with thousands of designer labels, makes her one of Atlanta’s most knowledgeable fashion resources.


Estate Jewelry is in Good Hands

The Board of Trade is the only Atlanta consignment store that expertly handles estate jewelry. The store employs staff with fine jewelry backgrounds in addition to an accredited appraiser. A designated area with showcases for fine, vintage and high-end costume jewelry is one of the most popular spots in the store. As a service to our customers, a gemologist is on site monthly to provide written insurance appraisals.


Brick & Mortar Exposure Plus The Web!

With 10,000 square feet of merchandise, visiting the Board of Trade is definitely worth the drive. For people who want to “touch and feel” their purchases, we have invested in a prime location in upscale Historic Roswell. The store is a weekly destination for passionate shoppers, decorators and dealers. The shop also attracts thousands of tourists visiting Roswell’s cultural, shopping and restaurant scene. In addition to being professionally displayed, choice merchandise has more exposure through the Board of Trade’s on-line store.  Close to fifteen hundred items are photographed and available for purchase online.  We also promote our consignments via a weekly e-blast to our database of over 10,000 subscribers and through on-line advertising.


Several years ago, I was shopping at Scott's antique market searching for my Waterford crystal pattern and Gorham sterling pattern. A vendor recommended that I check out the Board of Trade in Roswell. I did and what an incredible find! The owner, Beth Richardson has great relationships with her consignors and her customers. She has an eye for high quality antiques and vintage, gently used and on some occasions new items. It is always an adventure to peruse the store. I have found too many wonderful things to note them all and a true shopper never shares all of her secrets:)! Trust me - the Board of Trade is worth a trip from wherever you live in the city. Make a day of it and enjoy lunch at one of the many local restaurants in downtown Roswell. You won't be disappointed.
Cindy O.

As a seasoned Interior Designer it is with enthusiasm that I encourage you to visit The Board of Trade in Roswell. My experience in consigning treasures, along with personally searching for unique and up scale items for my clients has alway proved fruitful. The owner “Beth” is most knowledgeable and always looks out for your best interest.
Peter B.

If you are looking for gifts or to shop for yourself, then I would highly recommend "The Board of Trade" in Roswell, GA.  I have shopped there for 11 years and have purchased a beautiful desk, two fountains, a headboard queen, a man's valet and many more household items. Beth, the owner, has added a beautiful women's boutique through the years and also a section where men can enjoy shopping as well.  The Board of Trade is always improving its looks and merchandises.  Many thumbs up for the staff as they are always helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating.
Jocelyne S.

I love doing business with The Board of Trade. In the past, the store has sold two sets of family silver flatware for me quickly and at great prices. They have an excellent silver appraiser who knows the different brands well, weighs the silverware piece by piece and gives a very compete listing. Also I have consigned several expensive pieces of fine jewelry with the store. I have been surprised at how quickly all pieces have sold, and the pricing was very fair.
Judi O.

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